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Do You Struggle To Manage & Organise Your Ever-Increasing Number of Digital Photos?

Worry no more! Tekkie Help, is here to help bring order to you digital photo library!
Sign up to our Interactive and Highly-Effective Workshop on Managing & Organising Photos (for Mac users)
Spaces limited to 6 per session

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You are an Apple Mac user 
  • ​You have hundreds of photos you CANNOT afford to lose
  • You want an organised digital photo library of all your precious photos
  • ​Your photos are currently in a mess and scattered across multiple devices
  • ​You struggle to find your favourite photos when you need them
  • ​You are feeling bewildered about iCloud and the features and functions of the Photos app

This Workshop will teach you:

  • The advantages of having a master photo library (and how to achieve this)
  • The fundamentals of iCloud and how it should be set up
  • How to import photos from your other devices
  • ​The benefits of Smart albums and how to set them up
  • ​How to add metadata to photos for more efficient searching
  • How to export photos and change the image properties 
  • ​How to share photos with friends and family 
  • ​How to create a robust backup for your photos and other data
From as little as Just $100 You Will Be GUARANTEED To Come Away With Confidence And Knowledge Of How To Better Manage And Organise Your Photos
Workshop Dates and time: 3-hour workshop on various dates/ times  
3  Reasons You Need To Attend Our Workshop
Your Photos Are Scattered Everywhere
Photos scattered on multiple devices or masses of rubbish photos clogging up your library? We will show you how to consolidate your photos 
You Don't Want to Lose Your Photos
Without a robust backup strategy you are at risk of losing all of your photos. Do you have at least 3 copies of your precious photos? This course will show you how to implement a robust 3-2-1 backup strategy
You Want to learn How to Organise Your Photos
Struggle to find the photos you want, when you want? We'll show you how to create a system to better organise and manage your photos
Why We Can Help You
Tekkie Help is the leading provider of home IT support in Singapore. Founded in 2012 by British couple, Bo and Sarah, Tekkie Help provides award-winning IT support to people at home and small businesses.

"Over the years we have helped thousands of people overcome their issues with technology and have gained an insight into the real struggles people face managing their increasing number of digital photos.

With our technical expertise, comprehensive understanding go Mac OSX and the Photos application, coupled with our understanding of the issues people are facing, we have put together what we believe is a guaranteed strategy to help organise and protect photos.

We host both physical in-person and online workshops, as well as private training.  All formats havethe same content and arevery interactive!"

Bo & Sarah
Co-Founders of Tekkie Help

Benefits of Training With Us

Small group SIZEs
With a maximum capacity of 6 attendees, our training workshops are optimised for learning. There will be plenty of time for questions on all workshop formats. 

NEW: Private sessions now available.
highly experienced trainer
Each workshop is facilitated by Bo, one of the co-founders of Tekkie Help. He is an Apple Whizz and knows everything you need to know about photo management! 
Interactive sessions
Our workshops are hands-on and interactive so that you come away with confidence about how to implement your learning. You will also be able to download our informative hand out material.
Worksop attendees also have unlimited email support, as well as exclusive access to a Tekkie Help Support FaceBook forum. There is also an opportunity to book a private session after the workshop.
Tekkie Help has been providing IT support to people at home and small businesses since 2012. These workshops have been developed with a first-hand understanding of the real issues people, just like you, face with organising, storing and safeguarding their photos.
We have received an overwhelmingly good response to our workshops with 100% of learners giving our workshops a 4 or 5-star rating.

What You Will Learn

The content of our workshop is UNIQUE. There are NO other courses out there that provide such comprehensive guidance on how to manage, organise and backup photos, going beyond just application functionality. Plus it has been developed to address the REAL issues people just like YOU face.

Managing & Organising Photos Workshop Objectives

  • ​Understand the advantages of having a master photo library (& how to achieve this)
  • Learn the fundamentals of iCloud and how it should be set up
  • How to import photos from your other devices
  • ​How to create custom folders and albums
  • ​The benefits of Smart albums and how to set them up
  • ​How to add metadata to photos for more efficient searching
  • ​​How to edit your photos 
  • ​How to share photos with friends and family 
  • ​How to export photos and change the main properties - gile type and image size
  • ​How to recover deleted photos
  • ​How to create a robust backup for your photos and other data
What is the date of the workshops?
We are hosting the workshop on various dates - with a choice of online learning or face-to-face attendance workshops. Simply click on the button below and it will take you to a page to view dates and to book.  

How long is the workshop?
The workshop is approximately 3 hours long, inclusive of questions. 

How much does the workshop cost?
The online webinar is $100 and the in-person group training is $157. Private sessions are $280 for 3 hours. **30% discount for September**

How do I access the webinar?
We will send you an invitation for the webinar which will contain a link to join the workshop and a password to access. There is no requirment to download the software on your computer. Where possible, it may be useful to access the webinar on one device and have your photo library accessible on another device. This is not essential as you will be able to toggle between your screens.

Where is the in-person workshop help and what about Safe Distancing?
The attendance in-person workshops are help at our dedicated Tekkie Help training facility in Joo Chiat. The room is very spacious and desks will be placed 1.5 m apart. Masks will be worn at all times and Bo, the course teacher, will wear a face shield.

How do I prepare for the workshop?
As this is an interactive workshop, you will need to access to an Apple computer with your photo library on it (if you are attending and don't have a laptop, we can loan you one with a dummy photo library). Don't worry if you do not photos on your computer as we will be demonstrating using our photo library and this will be viewable via screen sharing. 

Spaces limited to 6 per session
What Our Students Say About Our Workshop
"I Did Two Of The Tekkie Help Courses About Managing Photos. They Were Brilliant, I Thoroughly Recommend Them. I Didn't Realise How Much I Didn't Know, I Feel Much More Confident About Managing My Photos Now And What I Am Able To Do With Them!! Thank You Tekkie Help."

"Awesome workshop. I am now inspired to start to sort out my mess of a photo library. Bo is an excellent tariner - super patient and knowledgeable."

"Very Well Structured And Extremely Useful Content."
"It Was An Excellent Course On How To Manage And Organise Your Photos - Exactly As Per The Title, And What I Was After!"

"It Was An Excellent Course On How To Manage And Organise Your Photos - Exactly As Per The Title, And What I Was After!"

          "Loved the great flexibility by the tutor and that all our individual questions were answered and clearly explained."
  "Small group size was great. Learned some really good tips on organising photos, checking file sizes and also back ups"

"Fantastic workshop, I now feel confident on how to create a good system to add more photos to my library and deal with my thousands of photos!"
Still Not Convinced...? 

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions
Can You Say with 100% certainty that your photos are Secure?
A backup is not fool proof with any less than 3 copies of your data. That includes all of the photos that you may have stored in mutliple locations - cameras, FaceBook, Instagram, Email, iPads, phones etc. 
Do You Rely on The Cloud for photo storage and backup? 
The Cloud is NOT as backup solution. We will explain why your photos are at risk if you just rely on the Clould as your backup and we will help to ensure your settings are correct to prevent data loss.
what would You do if you lost ALL of your photos?
Think about this carefully...what would the implications be to you and your family if you lost EVERY SINGLE photo? How much time and money would you invest to try and get them back? In just 3 hours and for $100 we can ensure this will not happen. EVER.
So What Are You Waiting For? Sign up Now To Our Workshop To Say Goodbye To Your Digital Photo Chaos 
Just for you...
Managing & Organising Photos Foundation Level Workshop Bundle Offer
When you sign up to our workshop, you not only get to attend the 3 hour  workshop, you will also gain access to tailored advice on the day, receive a step-by-step implementation manual  and support after the course to answer any questions you have via our exclusive FaceBook Support forum.
So in summary, this is what we are offering:
#1 Hands-on Interactive Workshop
Learn How To Effectively Organise, Manage & Backup Your Photos...In Just 3 hours. The webinar will focus on the key strategies to help you better organise and manage your photos, most importantly showing you how to ensure your precious memories are safely backed up.

Each workshop has a maximum number of 6 students for optimised learning.
#2 Step-By-Step Manual
We will provide you with a step-by-step guide to ensure you have the confidence to implement the strategies when you get back home. The easy to follow guides will cover everything we teach you.
#3 Tailored advice 
Being a small group, Co-Founders and Mac Expert Bo , will be on hand to provide you with tailored advice and support during and after the workshop to answer any of your questions.
#4 Access to Exclusive Support Forum 
You will be invited to join our exclusive private Tekkie Help support forum for our community to share ideas and have access to our team of technicians to answer your questions. You will also be first to hear about exclusive offers and promotions.
You Will Be GUARANTEED To Come Away With Confidence And Knowledge Of How To Better Manage And Organise Your Photos

We are confident that we will be able to give you the tools and knowledge of how to bring organisation to your digital photo library. If you implement EVERYTHING we show you, and don't see an improvement in your digital photo library organisation, we'll not only refund you - but also give you $100 for wasting your time. 

That's how confident we are!

Now Hurry Up and Book your Seat
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Here's a recap of
When You Sign Up to The Workshop
  • ​#1 - 3 hour Interactive Online Workshop ($312 Value)
  • ​#2 - Step-By-Step Implementation Guide ($57 Value)
  • ​​#3 - Tailored Advice & Support (Priceless...)
  • #4 - Access to FaceBook Private Forum (Peace of mind!)
Total Value:  >$369
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $100*
*$160 for in-person training
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